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This page describes how to upgrade from Mach Form 2.x to the latest Mach Form 5.If you already using v3.x (3.0-3.5) or v4.x, please check this Upgrading From Version 3.x/4.x page instead. If the PHP version on your server is older, please upgrade your PHP before continuing.Dolphin Pro is packed with integrated i OS and Android apps and variety of extensions. The last ae Dating version was '4.1 IQ' when it was acquired by Boon Ex in 2005 and transformed into social network script. After several updates within a year it became Dolphin 5.6. Flash audio/video features were included into the package by default. Easy to learn Silver Stripe framework is created from the ground up to be easy to pick up and custom.Before you read much further, if you, for whatever reason, aren’t inclined to do this type of software upgrade on your web server/host, you can request the Mach Form Free Upgrade Service, we will do the upgrade for you for FREE within 2 business days (usually faster).Mach Form will create a backup of your database during the upgrade.Extract the Mach Form archive ( with any unzip program you have.

In addition, Mach Form creates a database backup of your old machform during the backup process that is saved in your “data” folder. If your Mach Form is already running fine, you can safely delete this file. In this blog, Danae Miller-Clendon, a web developer from Toast, classifies the types of developers and their methodologies to documentation.Read more to find out which classification you fit into.Optimised to produce highly reusable code Silver Stripe promotes coding structure that is easy to read and maintain.

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Powerful frontend template engine Our templating engine is designed with frontend in mind.

Online Dating Script v2.1 is built with the well-known PHP framework Code Igniter 3.0.0.