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This information is valid as of the last database update.Ameraucana | Ancona | Andalusian | Appenzeller | Araucana | Australorp | Barnevelder | Brahma | Buckeye | Buttercup | Campine | Catalana | Chantecler | Cochin | Cornish | Crevecoeur | Delaware | Dominique | Dorking | Favorelles | Fayoumi | Hamburg | Holland | Houdan | Jaerhon | Java | Jersey Giant | La Fleche | Lakenvelder | Lamona | Langshan | Leghorn | Marans | Minorca | Naked Neck | New Hampshire | Orloff | Orpington | Penedesenca | Phoenix | Plymouth Rock | Polish | Redcap | Rhode Island | Spanish | Sultan | Sussex | Welsumer | Wyandotte | Yokohama South American.That individual performance has never been matched by subsequent Australorps.

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Learning of the Rhode Island Red, she exchanged eggs and birds with RIR breeders to develop the Buckeye Red as a pea-combed variety of the Rhode Island Red.

Before the name Brahma was settled on, they were also called Chittagongs, Shanghais (as were the Cochins), and Brahmapootras.

Since the Brahmaputra River flows through China, India, and Bangladesh, even the name doesn't help shed light.

May or may not be genetically related to the Araucana.

One theory is that Ameraucanas were developed by crossing Aracaunas with other breeds.Others have been calm, non-aggressive, but stand-offish. Once rivaled the Leghorn in Europe, but never caught on in North America, except in pockets of the Appalachians.