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But the humiliated yogi before committing suicide cursed them that they would lose their wealth and that his curse would end only after the town lost all its wealth. The yogi became a brahma rakshass due to his untimely death and the people to protect themselves from the wrath of the brahma rakshass constructed a small shrine and offered prayers to him. Subramania Iyer (1923) are in Vattezhuthu, the prototype of Malayalam.

Even today, after nivedyam is offered to Thirkkakkarayappa the same is offered to the brahma rakshass too. Thrikkakkara or Thirukalkarai, as it was known in the days of the Kulasekharas, was the capital of Kalkarainadu, a fiefdom under the Kulasekharas, it is believed. From the Thrikkakkara edicts emerges a picture of the Kulasekhara empire which existed till about 1102 A.

In pasurams of Nammalvar Thrikkakara is refered as Thirukkaatkarai, Lord Vamana as Sree Kaatkarai Appa Perumal and Thayar (Mahalakahmi) as Perunselva Naayaki or Vaathsalya valli.

The traditional festival of Kerala - Onam historically too related with this temple.

The Shiva temple or Thekkumkara Thevar temple has shrines of Parvathi, Durga, Bhagavathi, Subramanian and Ganapathy.

It is interesting to note in this context that though Thrikkakkara Appan or Vamana is worshipped during Onam celebrations, Mathevar or Mahadevar is also worshipped with equal fervour and the reason remains unexplained.

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There was no space left for Vamana to measure his third pace. Mahabali offered his own head for Vamana to place his third step. As he was pushed down into Suthala, King Bali made a last request.The Onasadya or the Onam feast will be held on Thiruvonam day in a grand manner in the temple with a large number of people cutting across religious barriers participating in it.