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It provides information about contraceptives, as well as offering ideas for discussion and curriculum for educators and parents.

It also includes an appendix for those seeking additional information on birth control.

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Sexual Pressures teaches kids how to establish boundaries, respect themselves, and respect others in a world filled with sexual messages, pressures and dangers that are sometimes confusing and difficult to navigate.

"What Parents Need to Know About Dating Violence: Learning the Facts and Helping Your Teen" Barrie Levy, Patricia Griggans, June 1995 This book offers information, advice, and real-life stories from parents and teens.

The chromosomes are depicted (by rearranging a photomicrograph) in a standard format known as a karyogram or idiogram: in pairs, ordered by size and position of centromere for chromosomes of the same size.… continue reading »

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Nicky, who is straight, suspects that Rod is gay, and assures Rod it is okay with him if he is; but Rod insists he is not ("If You Were Gay").… continue reading »

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Will says it is not, citing his years of objecting to leading questions as a prosecutor as his basis. Earlier in Season Two, Jim Harper, idealistic heartthrob and Mchale's right-hand man, gives away an interview to a competing reporter.… continue reading »

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Spener further defended his ideas of a universal priesthood in "Das geistliche Priesterthum, aus göttlichem Wort kürzlich beschrieben" (1677).… continue reading »

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