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27-Dec-2017 22:33

church child abuse investigation – Photos of Caminiti brothers included A Lori Wick Message Board Discuss this post on the NLQ fourm.Alabama - and 13 other states - have weighed in on a case in which the city of Pensacola has been ordered to remove a large cross from a public park. Vinson took pains in the ruling to make clear that while he found the prevailing interpretation of the law clear on the subject, he didn't agree with it: He described the cross as "part of the rich history of Pensacola and of Bayview Park in particular," and said that the country's founding fathers "would have most likely found this lawsuit absurd." However, Vinson said that precedent was firmly established and ordered the cross removed within 30 days.The twelve victims are described as children of the congregants and ranging in age from a few months old to six years old.It is also alleged that John Caminiti’s charges also stem from the punishments that he doled out to the children of other congregants.Church members say children and infants were punished for things such as being emotional, grumpy or crying, not sitting quietly through church, crying when being handed from a mother to another person or for potty training mistakes.These members of the church are on record as saying that they believed a “one and a half month” old child is old enough to be spanked.Please see the Sheriff’s press release, linked below, for the entire list of the additional charges.In a criminal complaint Phil is quoted as saying “the scripture is never wrong” and “pain is a good way to teach children.”The complaint says he also told them “if you spank early and it is done right then kids will be obedient”, adding he didn’t think bruises were telltale signs of something bad.

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Dave Niose, legal director for the AHA, said the brief filed by Alabama and 13 other states didn't make much of an impression, at first glance.

Every parent attested to the redness or bruising of the children’s skin after such a bout of (so called) spankings.

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