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Girls’ ages ranged from 9 to 12 years, with a mean age of 10.4 years ( = 1.13).Most mothers (76%) were heads of single-parent households; 55% mothers reported household incomes below the Federal poverty line.At 3-month follow-up, intervention arm mothers relative to control arm mothers continued to report better communication with and closeness to their daughters.Girls and mothers in the intervention arm rated the computer program favorably on parameters of enjoyment, comfort, relevance, usefulness of information, improvements to their relationship with each other, and whether they would recommend it to friends.Sites also provided comparable social welfare programs, were similarly staffed, and served roughly the same numbers and types of client populations.Consenting girls and mothers were pretested, and those in the intervention arm received intervention.

Once girls use substances, they are more apt than boys to become dependent, and they fare more poorly in treatment (Moochan & Schroeder, 2004; Rowe, Liddle, Greenbuam, & Henderson, 2004). Gender-specific approaches to drug abuse prevention among adolescent girls are clearly needed.About three-quarters (77%) of girls and their mothers had personal computers at home.Randomly, one site was selected as the intervention arm (42 mother-daughter pairs), with the other site serving as a control arm (44 mother-daughter pairs). Armour and weapons from both MSG and Frame Arms series can also be used with Frame Arms Girl Gourai!

With more models and compatible parts to come in this Frame Arms Girl lineup, now’s the time to start your new collection!Computer-mediated intervention is one such technology. Empirical data support the promise of substance abuse prevention programs delivered by computer (Bosworth, Espelage, & Du Bay, 1998; Schinke, Schwinn, Di Noia, & Cole, 2004). Because single-mother headed households and Black and Latino families account for the most rapid growth in computer and Internet use and because high-speed connectivity is overtaking dial-up access in American homes, the future of computer interventions is bright for those who can profit most from it (Digital Divide Network, 2002; Nielsen/Net Ratings, 2004).

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